Freelance Copywriters:

How Anyone Can Build a 6 figure business as an Online Writer with no experience, working less than 6 hours a day

Keep reading to learn how to get clients on big retainers without having to send thousands of cold emails or constantly DM strangers on the internet.

There’s A Reason Why 99% Of Freelance Copywriters Never Hit $10k Per Month…

Hey I'm Mason.

You may or may not know me from Twitter or Tik Tok as @cardinalmason. If not, nice to meet you.

I've been writing online for a living since 2019. 

I've generated $30M in revenue for my clients, written over 4000 emails, hundreds of ads, sales pages, and SMS messages for some of the biggest brands in the world. 

Worked for 6+ agencies, worked in-house for 6 brands, 10+ personal brands, did 50+ one-off projects in 2021 alone. 

Made over $40k a month as a copywriter at my peak. No big deal.

The craziest part?

I've done all of this while looking like a 17 year old kid.

Here's a pic for proof.
If you don't believe me, let me introduce you to my partner, Chase Dimond.
Chase owns an 8-figure marketing agency and has done $250M in revenue for his clients.

He is the go-to guy for all things email related in the agency space.

Enough about us, let's talk about why you're here...

You Want To Write More Compelling Copy, And Make More Money

You came to the right place.

If you’re on this sales page, I’m gonna assume you understand what it means to be a freelance copywriter.

But you don’t want to be just any freelance copywriter.

You want to be a good one and get paid top dollar for it.

Well, my friend, get in line because so does everyone else.

And if we’re being honest, most freelance copywriters are either bad, too slow, or can’t get clients.

They don’t know what the audience actually wants.

They sell too hard.

Their copy isn’t engaging.

And they can’t fulfill at scale.

Because of this, they’re on a hamster wheel.

This is what we call “the one-night stand copywriter.”

They’ll get a new client, write some emails, sales pages, or ads…

… aaand a month or two later, they’ll get the dreaded breakup text.

“We’re bringing this in-house.”

The worst part?

You know they’re not bringing it in-house.

Just picture it…

Another guy or girl is sitting in YOUR old Klayvio account.

Strumming away on the keyboard, writing emails to the audience you once had the privilege of being acquainted with.

Your old client is smiling, in awe of the new sales coming in and work getting delivered on time.

Sounds like a dream.

That’s the type of copywriter that you bring home to your parents.

And you’re here because you’re tired of watching from the sidelines.

It’s time you put your foot down and put an end to this nonsense.

You’re tired of clients passing you around like a used [redacted], and you’re ready for something serious…

… Something that allows you to live like a 2017 travel influencer or dropshipping guru while making more money than an accountant.

AND getting killer results for your clients, feeling good about the work you do, and scaling without being a slave to your laptop.

If you stick with me for a couple more minutes here I’m gonna show you the system that allowed me to go from working at McDonalds...
(Yes, literally)

To getting my first copywriting client in 2020...
To making over $40k per month as a copywriter and randomly getting an article written about me.

Learn A 3-Step System To Write More Persuasive Copy In Half The Time It Used To Take

(While bringing on more of your ideal clients)

There are 3 steps to becoming an efficient, effective copywriter that easily gets new clients (and keeps them).

Step 1: The ability to consistently write engaging copy at scale

If you’re struggling to deliver work on time, you keep gettings “writer's block,” and when you do deliver on time, it sounds like it was written by a 4-year-old…

…that’s not gonna cut it.

And not too long ago, I was you.

But then I made a switch, allowing me to become a workhorse.

I worked for 5 agencies. At one time.

My clients could throw project after project at me, and I’d knock it out with time to walk to 7/11, wait for the clerk to refill the Slurpee maker, and walk home with my Slurpee.

“Mason, that’s great. But maybe you’re just gifted. How do I write faster??”

That’s a good question, and I’m glad you asked.

Think about how fast you write when you’re in the zone.

Everything seems to come to you naturally, and the work gets done quickly.

The truth is, consistently reaching this kind of euphoric state is not realistic …

But there’s another way to speed up your workflow while INCREASING the quality of your work.

And it’s through the following plug-and-play formulas.

When you follow a formula, you don’t have to be creative. You simply plug the relevant information into this system and immediately spit out captivating copy.

It’s like using a copy auto-generator with a human brain.

And it’s why I can write an E-Commerce email in 90 seconds.

I’ve trained my brain to become a machine; anyone can learn this because it doesn’t rely on creativity or being in the zone.

“So this sounds cool and all, but how does it make me more money?”

Another great question.

The quicker you can come up with ideas for your copy, the quicker the work gets done; allowing you to work with more clients.


 Now that you understand how to write faster, here’s what's next.

Step 2: Finding high-paying clients

Most copywriters suck at finding clients.

They’re spamming Upwork or Fiverr, they have no way of standing out, and their cold outreach is horrible.

When they get a client, they charge too little and end up writing 20,000 words for 500 bucks a month.

Not fun.

There’s another way to do this.

I have a confession… I hate sending cold messages and didn’t send ANY outbound while building my freelancing business to $40k a month.

All of my clients came through referrals and inbound.

Because I got great results for clients, I set up a system to incentivize them to bring me clients.

And thus, the snowball effect ran its course.

Although this sounds great, it’s not as easy as you’d think.

There’s an art form to accepting an introduction and converting it to a client.

But the good part is it’s something anyone can learn… 

…this is where the 3rd step comes in.

Step 3: Create an offer that allows you to charge $3k per month or more

I get it if charging $3k a month sounds daunting to you right now.

In my very first copywriting job, I think I charged about $20.

Here’s the thing I didn’t understand:

Pricing is directly correlated to value.

Land bigger brands and make them more money = justify higher prices.

Your offer needs to have some kind of tangible, quantifiable result.

“I’ll write you 3 emails a week” is simply not enough.

The reason I was able to scale as high as I did is that I could make a guarantee to everyone I worked with.

For Ecom brands, it was a percentage of the increase in email revenue; for personal brands, it was the number of booked calls every month.

I could only make promises like this because I used a formula (that I told you about in step one) to predictably get results.

Are you starting to see how this works?

There’s no hack to scaling a freelancing business.

You become a better writer using formulas, use proven strategies to get new clients and fulfill the work at scale.

It’s all plug-and-play.

And it doesn’t rely on creativity or any variable that you’re not 100% in control of.

THIS is how you build the freelancing business you always envisioned.

And I can help you get there...
How would you like a step-by-step guide, to take your hand and walk you through EVERYTHING we've talked about on this page? 
You'll learn every formula you need to write better copy effortlessly.
You'll learn how to take the new skills that you hone, and create an offer that anyone would feel stupid saying no to.
And how to predictably get results over and over.
Without needing to be creative...
Without tons of experience...
And without cold outreach.
I’ve got the ENTIRE system packaged up, ready for you to dive into (you can start this training in the next 3 minutes)…

Introducing Copy MBA

A Plug-And-Play System That Allows ANY Copywriter To Write Clearly, Concisely, And Consistently Land New Clients
Over 200 copywriters have purchased Copy MBA and put it to good use.

Here’s what’s inside:

Copy MBA is going to teach you how to get people to do what you want with the written word.

More clicks, more likes, more shares, more DM’s, more leads, and more sales.

That’s a whole lot of more. And at the end of the day, it’ll put more money in your clients' pockets and more money in your pocket.

“Writers' block” doesn’t exist in our world because you use a formula.

The formula helps you never run out of ideas, and you’ll get the work done a hell of a lot quicker.

The best part is your clients will love you for it.

Speaking of clients, you can work with a lot more of them once you learn how to write faster.

And I’ll teach you how to find them.

But not by scouring the internet every day or sending thousands of cold messages.

And definitely not standing in line behind thousands of other “copywriters” that are trying to get gigs on Upwork or Fiverr. 

I’ll teach you how to build a system where your ideal client is coming to you WARM… even if you don’t have any clients yet.

Instead of charging hourly, per project, or per word, you’ll learn how to land clients on long-term retainers for $3k plus.

This course will transform you from the everyday freelance copywriter that you can find all over the internet…

…into the “Chad” copywriter who writes high-converting copy and is paid handsomely for it.

Here's Exactly What's Inside Of Copy MBA:

1. Copywriting 101

The fundamentals. The structures. Selling to different awareness levels. Direct response. Brand Copy. And so much more.

This will give you a proven framework you can follow for every ad, email, webinar, and sales page or funnel.

2. Writing Creatively

Creativity can be taught, and it’ll take your copy from good to great. You’ll be able to tell stories more engagingly, keeping your readers’ attention from line to line.

I’ll teach you how to ethically lie, steal, and the 3 laws of creativity (relevance, realism, and resolution).

3. Writing Professionally

Learn how to write professionally and when it’s needed. What to say when making and accepting intros with new clients. How to actually get your clients to send you new clients. And how to write cold emails that actually get you on a call.

4. Getting & Keeping Clients (without cold outreach)

Once you master the above, this is easy. Your offer will be poised for top-tier prices, and you’ll learn how to keep clients long-term.

This is usually the part where I do something like this:

Total Value: $978,997

Your Price Today: $997

Just in case you're still not completely 100% sold, here are a few bonuses to make this deal even sweeter:

BONUS #1: Freelance Masterclass

Get a behind the scenes look at our 5 step system to build a freelance copywriting business that can make you $5-20k a month.

BONUS #2: How To Practice

Sounds simple, but most copywriters actually have zero clue how to get better. They end up repeating bad habits and their writing never evolves over time. This bonus module will teach you tactical ways to become a better quicker writer every day.  

BONUS #3: "Greatest Hits Breakdown"

I'm gonna take you behind the curtain of some of my best work for clients. You'll get to see emails, ads, and sales pages that I've written and WHY they converted. This is the ultimate swipe file. 

Ready To Get Started?

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